It’s Time To Pray!

Dear brothers & sisters, It has been 20 years since Lars Enarson began teaching this foundational and popular course on prayer. The last few years, the course has not been readily available, yet remained in high demand. The material is timeless and relevant as never before! Ariel Media is blessed to be able to make…


Shmot (Names): Commentary on Exodus

Shalom Everyone!  Welcome to read the Weekly TORAH commentary on the first part of Exodus – Shmot (Names)! We have now begun studying a new book in the Torah,  the exciting story of Moses and the mighty redemption out from Egypt. It contains important lessons for us who are living in the end times waiting for the…


Beresheet (In the Beginning)

Download as a PDF | Sign up for Weekly TORAH. Commentary on the weekly Torah portion: Genesis 1:1–6:8 We recommend that you carefully read through the Torah portion in your Bible before you study the commentaries. While reading this commentary, ponder the following: (1) What speaks to me most? (2) What practical things can I begin…


Why Every Christian Needs to Study the Torah

The Law is called the Torah in Hebrew. The word “Torah” does not mean law in the modern sense. Rather, it means “instruction” and “teaching.” Every week Lars Enarson gives out a commentary on the weekly Scripture portion form the Torah. In one year you get a thorough foundation in the very part of the Bible that many…